Grace Homeschool Co-op

Important Documents


When: Fridays 9am - noon
Grades: K-8*
Classes such as gym, music, sewing, science, etc.

*Classrooms are available to younger siblings of students enrolled in K-8th grade classes so parents can volunteer.

Who We Are

Grace Homeschool Cooperative is a partnership of local Christian homeschool families who gather weekly to serve one another through community, enrichment, and education.

Our Purpose

Partnering to equip students to learn and grow into who God has made them to be.

Our Core Values

  • Community (Colossians 3:8-17)
    • Building a loving, supportive, Christ-centered community for families.
    • Cooperatively providing enrichment and social opportunities that may not be possible for individual families.
    • Interacting as fellow image bearers, with respect, grace, kindness, and hope.
    • Providing opportunities for parents to encourage and support one another in our common endeavor to glorify God and educate our children.

  • Enrichment
    • Offering elective classes that cultivate virtue, wonder, practical life skills, and an appreciation of truth, goodness, and beauty.
    • Strengthening social skills.
    • Utilizing parents’ skills, knowledge, passions, and talents to develop engaging classes.

  • Education
    • Instilling knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking skills.
    • Teaching from a Biblical worldview with quality Christian materials.
    • Helping students develop internal motivations for academic excellence and lifelong learning.


$20 non-refundable deposit per family.
Children 3 years and older: First child is $95 per year; Each additional child is $60 per year.

There are costs associated with running a co-op. We appreciate the financial sacrifices homeschooling families often make to be at home with their children and strive to keep the co-op affordable for everyone. Contact us below if you might need financial assistance.


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