Operation Christmas Child 2023

“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”
Mark 16:15
Samaritan's Purse is committed to collecting 12 million shoeboxes this season.  Millions of children have placed their faith in Jesus Christ as a result of the ministry, and there are still millions more to reach with the gospel.  What we do makes a world of difference.

Number of shoeboxes currently sponsored:


Step 1: Decide how you want to pack

Option 1


Families/individuals pack shoeboxes at home and bring them completed to church by Sun. Nov. 5.  

This means you will purchase and pack ALL the items that go into a shoebox and include the donations for shipping ($10.00) and The Greatest Journey ($6.00).  

“How to Pack a Shoebox” brochures, checklists and boy/girl labels are posted on the OCC bulletin board.  Contact Cathi Higgins for OCC shoeboxes and Follow-Your-Box labels.
Payment options are on the back of the checklist.
Use the Build A Shoebox Online program and pay by credit card online. The cost per shoebox is $25.00.
These shoeboxes will be sent to restricted countries that are closed to the gospel and to countries with exportation challenges and/or challenges with customs.

Navigate to the page below, then click "Build a Shoebox Online Now." Be sure to add the $6.00 for The Greatest Journey curriculum.
Attend a packing party on Saturday, November 4.

For each shoebox you sponsor, you are responsible to provide the WOW item, note to the child, prayer, and donations for shipping ($10.00) and The Greatest Journey ($6.00).

Other shoebox items will be collected/donated as in the past and set up on tables in the gym with sufficient distance between tables.

Payment options are on the back of the "2023 Home Packing Shoebox Checklist" located on the OCC bulletin board.

Option 4


Place your donation in an envelope and clearly mark it with your name and “For OCC shoeboxes”.
Mail it, bring it to the church office, or drop it in the offering plate on Sunday.


Give online (select "Operation Christmas Child" from the drop-down menu below)

Step 2: Sign up to sponsor shoeboxes

Items for Collection/Donation

Here's What We're Collecting When:
Donations needed are listed on the OCC bulletin board.

Praise God for His continued grace, protection and provision.
Pray for the year-round efforts of Operation Christmas Child in discipling children to become bold witnesses for Christ.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Cathi Higgins.